Sunday, August 24, 2014

Polymeri Online 24.8.14 | Thailand adventures, Tomka's foliage, Smiling teeth beads, Painted polymer clay, Mix-n-Match extruder, Organic magic

H-E-L-L-O all! or should I say Sawadika :)

Back from Thailand but still there in heart & soul! What an amazing vacation.
This beautiful, peaceful and smiling country will stay in my mind for a long time.
So different than anything I ever saw, felt and even ate before: Wonderful spicy food, amazing landscapes, changing weather, people's kindness and even shopping - A true cultural adventure. 
I am certain that this trip will inspire me!

Getting a warm elephant hug!

Flying all over Chiang Mai in the "Flight of the Gibbons" 

Key Kitty Kitty!

With 23 rings on her neck she is the queen of necklaces!

Just before I am heading to my next trip teaching in Netherlands (5 last spots in the Skyscraper class and 2 more in the Moon Rocks class), sinking in loads of work, preparations and packing, here are some goodies I've gathered for you -

Tomka's foliage
Tomka Sorokina’s Etsy store is pleasing and colorful containing joyous jewelry items, fun patterns and funky designs.
She designs stuff as far as she remember herself. First clothes and accessories for her dolls, fabric flowers, drawing, beading, embroidery and more...
In this polymer clay fairy feather necklace, she combines colors, shape, impressions and antiquing. Fun! 

Painting polymer
Mai M. Villegas is a cake topper artist from the Philippines. 
In her FB she shared her process for creating a mini painting with polymer clay, as part of a figure holding a paint brush with an easel. 
White clay is her canvas and sculpting ball tools are her brushes!

Denise's smiling teeth beads
Denise Osborne posted a super cute photo of beads with teeth!
She credit Marie Segal for the idea and the photo description tells us that the Trinity Lutheran Church thanks MDPAG (Metropolitan Detroit Polymer Art Guild) member Denise Osborne who helped along with the guild members and donated clay for creating Beads of Courage with children who enjoyed the workshop so much.
Creating a teeth cane is such a brilliant idea! These smiling beads are so funny!!

Leila's extruder mix and match
Leila Bidler came up with a great idea to invent new extruded canes combinations.
She extruded her clay through all her discs and store them baked, inside a box.  This way she can try and play with them and find new exciting shapes and designs. Mix and match! Leila is a long time polymer clay artist living in Italy. You can see more of her work in her site and flickr gallery -

Gabriel's pendants
Michel Gabriel is a polymer clay artist of the organic side.
Her beautiful handmade beads seem to be antiqued, stamped, painted, twisted, carved and transferred.
Her flickr gallery is full of magical pendants and beads hidden in a polymer clay shell.

See you soon!