Thursday, March 25, 2010

Polymeri Online 25.3.10 and a Survey

When i saw Beadpassion cupcakes i couldn't believe they were clay, her cupcakes looks 100% real! she lives in the Philippines, started working with pc in 2008 and is a full time mom as long as her toddler is awake :) When he's asleep, thats when she enjoyes her quality time in creating.

Beautiful movie on a wire making it's own sculpturing :) so cute! thank you pnina for sending the link!

Tristizzle makes cute figures such as clay army of bunnies and other animals

Rubber stamp mosaic - stunning use of materials to create a mosaic-type portrait. Artist, Reena Saini Kallat, uses rubber stamps to create these works of art.

Make your own cookie cutters - a useful guide to make your own cutters!

Last, i am doing a small survey on your tutorial requests and wishlist :)
what are the 2 things in polymer clay you wanted to know how to make and didn't know who to ask? a technique? final product? basic how-to? anything you can think of!
Please fill out this 2 questions survey and who knows, i may do a tutorial from your request!

thank you for your time!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Polymeri Online 18.3.10

I am so busy with Passover holiday preperations, making more items for my craft fairs, i was planning on extending my PolyPedia resources and it's still in my chore list... meanwhile here are some nice links for the weekend -

Trendy retro bracelet and necklace by Madreselva61 / Silvia Ortiz de la Torre from Spain - they are so stylish and colorful!

BUZ Handmade / Alessio Busanca is an illustrator, cartoonist and graphic freelance. In addition to the design she devotes herself to the handmade, since 2009. She uses only FIMO soft. Her favorite subjects are the little animals, and lately dedicating the manufacturing of miniature more realistic dollshouse and Roombox.

Eugena's new jewelry line design includes pendants with intricate scroll-work design, sterling silver bezels, and glass-like surface, aren't they so elegant?

Iain Reekie is "Number 28", from the UK and do wonders with painting, photographing and sculprutings. He uses Super Sculpey and his figures have his own unique style of work.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Polymeri Online 11.3.10

It's been a while since i posted some links, i find myself doing so many things and in the same time not doing enough! i have so many plans and so many things i want to finish by the end of this month and i can't figure a way to do it... time management? i think i heard this expression some where... :)

In Synergy i saw Sophia Lenz’ polymer robots and i loved them! they were so handsome, i googled for some more polymer clay robots and found some cool robotic friends -

Robots by HerArt SheLoves - all kind of sweet robots such as bunnies, round and square ones, each have their own personality, they look like a toy with their springy arms and legs but they are certainly a piece of art to put on your shelf or table :)

One more - sleepy robots by Lisa starchild Pinkston which makes adorable small robots, her mission is to spread the idea that clay figures can be just as detailed and collectable as vinyl designer toys, and they are handmade which make them the ultimate collectors item - she is so right!

Another robotic shop in Etsy is -
bolts & bots (see photo on the right) is making celebrity robots! this is so cool, i found some LOST figures there, Mad Hatter, Mario, Care bear and so many others.

Just searching in Etsy for clay robots, i found tons! you may want to take a look.

And speaking of Synergy etc, I met Julie Eakes while she was holding a big big cane in her hands, when asking her what cane was it, she said it's a new cane she made for the event - CFCF (her cane was hidden inside leftovers so i couldn't peek), anyway, i was a good girl and waited patiently for the final result and ... OMG, that was an amazing face cane! she is the master! both me and Mira were lucky enough to get a piece of it, and i immediatly made myself a pair of beautiful earings out of them! browse her blog and you'll be amazed by her millefiori work.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Finally home!

Those were the best 2 weeks! i had so much fun! NYC, CFCF & Synergy!

Both Mira Krispil (the best partner ever) and myself flew to NYC on the 16th and had great 3 days of shopping, so many great stores in this city - cookie cutters, acrylic rollers, paints, beads & findings - that was fun! Metalliferous was the hightlight of the day, and our suitcases slowly gained weight and we were filing them with goodies :)

Then we took a flight and head to Baltimore airport and from there to CFCF - Cabin Fever Clay Festival held in Laurel Maryland. Kathryn Ottman greeted everyone and the event started with some Pre-Classes, we took classes by Lindly Haunani , Maggie Maggio and Jana Benzon. all of them were facinating and we made beautiful pieces.

After 2 days of Pre-Classes, the 4 hours CFCF seminars started and we had so much fun the best teachers - Jeffrey Lloyd Dever, Nan Roche, Cindy Silas, Tony Aquino, Maureen Carlson, Dayle Doroshow, Grant Diffendaffer, Louise Fischer Cozzi, Laurie Mika, Kathryn Jo Ottman, Lisa Pavelka, Sarah Shriver, and Ronna Sarvas Weltman. Demo's and Classes were facinating and we learned so much from all those experts.

The closing night celebration brought the presentation of the first Creative Pioneer and Innovator Award, presented to Nan Roche. Jeffrey Dever spoke of the knowledge and inspiration he gained from Nan in his early days playing with clay, I felt it was an exciting and emotional moment, everybody were cheering for Nan. The silent auction was great and i got one of Jana's pins :)

I was so honored when Nan asked to buy one of my disc necklaces! thank you so much Nan!
We found some new friends and angels who helped us (Barb - that's you!) hugging everybody, sorry we had to say goodbye so soon.

Then we headed to Synergy2 conference held in the tremont Plaza @ Baltimore, meeting new friends. Plan was so full of seminars, panel discussions, polymer shopping for supplies and artwork and jewelry, can we skip buying something?

We couldn't skip the ACC - American Craft Council show , The American Craft Council Show presents outstanding works by America's leading craftspeople for purchase by the public and to the trade, lot's of color, materials and inspiration, Mira and myself walked for 4 hours and still we didn't see all of it, it's huge! we met the nicest Wiwat with his breathtaking jewelry, Louise Fischer Cozzi (which we also took a class with her on CFCF), Karyn Kozak and her beautiful bugs (got us 2 of them!), Sue Fleischer, Karin Noyes and many more.

I also got a mention in Polymer Clay Daily! Sweet Cynthia Tinapple took a photo of one of my Necklaces and posted it in her blog. That was a perfect closure for our trip.

2 weeks of pure polymer clay, isn't that just the best thing ever?

Now, back to work! Passover holiday is coming soon and i should be getting ready :)