Monday, December 29, 2008

Polymeri Online 29.12.08

Last Polymeri for 2008 :)

Alexandra Garnik makes beads, pendants and necklaces of polymer clay, she enhance those pendants with seed beeds which makes them so beautiful.

Malt Suger has sweet tasted millefiori goodies - bag hangers, buckles - canes at their best

OrganicOdysseys / Zayit Galefull specializing in Judaic art and polymer clay art fashioned from organic produce, she explores all the wonders of the organic farm through her chosen medium, polymer clay.

Rolling beads? why don't you use shampoo bottles as a tool? a great low-budget recycled accessory!

and speaking of nalette's photostream, check her antiqued items using polymer clay, faux ivory etc..

last sweet - - Mary Tempesta, born and grew up in Sydney, Australia and living in Italy for the past 12 years Polymer clay is her passion…it hardly feels like work to her! (and she is so right!) she started working with polymer clay about 13 years ago, she makes animals, dolls and fairies and witches, music boxes, picture frames and jewelery.

Stay tuned for 1st January voting on polymer clay artists guild of etsy january challenge - black and white this time! LOTS of prizes for voters! i will be posting as a reminder :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

In 2009 i wish i...

In 2009 i wish i...

dream the pinkest dreams
laugh as if every minute is funny and joyfull
believe that all wrong can be fixed
love my beloved and my friends
smile as if every day is a miracle
dance even if i do it in my own living room :)

have a great 2009!

This is my entry for the PCAGOE January Challenge themed black and white.
I used pearled polymer clay (premo), aluminum discs, The necklace is 2 sided so it can be weared in both sides, black, white and grey shades.

Go to jan.1-7 to vote for your favorite!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Hanukka!

More Hanukka's goodies!

Shay Aaron's yummy (no calories) "sufganiyot" - donuts - see photo :)

Kathi's (dragonglass) slug menorah

Hag Sameach!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Polymeri Online 18.12.08

Angela, from Israel, is making unusuall Hamsas and wall decor, she is extruding thin thin snakes and coiling it around in various shapes and colors. stamping, imprinting, powders - sky is the limit for Angela's work.

Prisma - Brenna, an eighteen year-old, college freshman who enjoys crafting & all things handmade, vintage/retro, geeky, & japanese! currently studying at Georgia Highlands college for a two-year degree in Business Administration. she would love to someday own her own boutique.

ki k. kuroiva from san paulo says her imagination drives her far away, she says she needs to learn new things. languages. crochet. felt. new techniques. design things. how to sew decently and more...

Sidi. lives in the south of Spain and since she remember she's always made things. she works part time and use most of her free time to designing and make Lasidi items. her favourite materials are wool and fabrics, but also dyes, colours in general and polymer clay... she makes
jewelry, scarves and bags for her online stores and lots of experimentals for herself and other works.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Polymer Play Days Event, 30th, 31th of May and 1st June 2009, Nottinghamshire, England

You are all welcome to Polymer Play Days, an international event held in Nottinghamshire, England on the 30th, 31th of May and 1st June 2009 - 3 days of exciting polymer clay workshops with known teachers such as: Donna Kato (USA), Sylvie Peraud (France), Natalia Garcia de Leaniz (Spain) Alison Gallant (UK), Iris Mishly - myself (Israel) & Daniel Torres Mancera.

All details (photos, registration information) can be found on this site -

or email Helen Cox

Places are limited so better hurry! :)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Jewel Case 2009 Calendar - need one?

I have been playing with some photos and made a useful (recycled) desk calendar for 2009!
You can buy empty jewel cases at your local computer store or you can recycle one of your existing jewel cases and store the CD it contained someplace else.

To display your calendar in a CD jewel case just follow these instructions

Download this PDF file with 12 photos of my favorite beads and polymer clay art

and there you have it! a nice 2009 polymer clay calendar! :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Disc Chic

As some of you probably know, i am working as a part time web designer in a computing division. As so i am surrounded with geek and computer stuff, so i figured, why won't i use them to create art? This is a great opportunity for recycling too, take apart an old keyboard, mother board, anything, well, I started collecting aluminum metal round discs.
i LOVE the mix of metal and polymer clay and HAD to do something with them. The result is Disc Chic colar, i am wearing this one with a black outfit and nothing else needed ;) it's a little similar to the felt designes i saw somewhere and the good thing is - any technique can fit in those and possibilites are endless!

Polymeri Online 11.12.08

Ayala Art (martha) loved art since the first time she drew a long magical line that went from paper to the table, and from there to a wall. she enjoys working with all kinds of media! From watercolors & acrylics to pastels; loves painting on fun surfaces like gourds, canvas, silk or simple pieces of wood, and also love sculpting and making Art Dolls. check out her sculpting and hair tutorial!

Sera Pinwill from The Fabulous Frippist makes beads and cabs made from polymer clay, Non wearables such as photo frames and dolls are also handcrafted from polymer clay. The elaborate, bead embroidered collars have been designed primarly around a goddess theme. A polymer or glass cabachon focal is made to complement a shape, colour or other design element. The rest of the collar is designed around it.

Miriam Albasini studied fine arts at Granada and has always had an interest in sculpture. When she discovered polymer clay about a year ago she went crazy and filled the house with wacky little characters. She's been doing a lot of nativity sets recently and there is a run on pet broches, too. Her web page is available in english and in spanish. Enjoy!

This lovely Matisse cane found in the french blog - paroledepate - cool!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Polymeri Online 4.12.08

Stéphanie Kilgast is a 23 years old architecture student living near Paris. she loves doing creative stuff, like miniatures, but also knitting, painting, drawing and architecture, Miniatures are her actual passion. luckily for us every donut has about 1 calorie ;)

check out the 7th Annual of The Ugly Necklace Contest, 2009 :)

Fairy Fantasy by kathleen Engelen - started creating years ago, probably when she was eleven years old, her mother came home from a fair. She brought some books about how to clay tiny figures with fimo. Kathleen immediately started sculpting, and how they were right! she fell in love with this clay immediately and still after all these years love to sculpt with polymer clay.

The Fantasy art of Nicole West, she has been an artist pretty much her whole life. her mom tells her that she saw it in her as a small child when she would bite animal shapes out of her toast. she was lucky to have a mom that let her run free with her artistic muse, even as far as letting her draw murals on my bedroom wall :)

A project! Textured pendant by Cyndi Lavin

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hamsa Cookie Cutters are back in stock!

It took a while but the Hamsa Cookie Cutters are back in stock!

If you need great hamsa cutters, the sizes available are :
* 11 cm (4.3 inch) - price is 12$
* 4 cm (1.6 inch) - price is 10$

shipping to USA is 6$.

payment through paypal.

if you are interested please email me to and i will be in touch with your about further actions nessecary.

Thank you very much :)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Polymeri Online 27.11.08 & Hannukah post

Well, Hannukah is in 2 weeks, and the dreidel-mania in the Israeli polymer clay community is rising! here's some cool new dreidels - very easy to make!

Vered Trumer was the "match lighting the fire" with her new flower driedel, it's cute and simple to make!

A cool project (in hebrew, but follow the photos) of a Menorah

And a nice wall decor for Hannukah by Keri Joy and her wall dancers

and last, something for the Ego, my ego :) found a cool site which making a photo of yourself in all kind of styles... look what i chose, do you see his tattoo? MY face? i can keep dreaming ;) try yours -

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Modish blog - November Giveaway

Modish blog is one of my favorite ones, and they do a november giveaway!

why don't you try your luck? enter to win!
Its cool!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Polymeri Online 20.11.08

Australian Lorell Lehman realized after studying painting and illustration at the South Australian College of Advanced Education in the 1980’s, she discovered my passion for figurative sculpture and doll-making in 1993. her dolls are amazing!

Kathi from posted on the delphi forum a link to a nice guy building a motor for his pasta machine, don't think he was making any canes, it's for his Pasta - can you imagine? pasta in a pasta machine? i have never heard of it... lol

Sushi art work - beads, kaleidoscopes - great inspiration and admiration for those artists chefs:

Peggy Dembicer is a a mixed media artist with a fiberarts background. she was a handweaver in the early '80s, fond of tapestry. In the '90s she shifted to framed and sculptural mixed media that she exhibits in galleries and private collections.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Polymeri Online 13.11.08

Noa Oron does cute sculpturings that fits both sugar paste and polymer clay - check her site for some cool tutorials, instructions in hebrew but the photos are easy to follow:

And another monkey by Garie sim, this monkey likes to swing!

Libby has a great post about her favorite bezel forms, i love her work with bezels, it makes the piece so much elegant.

not too tired for another tutorial? here's a great mokume gane pumpkin tutorial by PCAGOE member papernclay

The Carrotbox is for anyone who loves glass rings, lucite rings, wood, agate, plastic, resin, acrylic, polymer, jade, etc. - anything, as long as there's no metal, i can sit for hours, be inspired and enjoy her huge collection of rings, some of them are polymer clay too.

One of the artists i found in the Carrotbox blog was - Arsmania - Ivana Molinari Schwab, has italian origin. She was born and grew up in Zurich, Switzerland.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Polymeri Online 6.11.08

According to Dolores Marple Troll tracks are very hard to see. Everyday she walks in the woods and search all around.

This site is so adorable - Mouse with an attitude's photostream is full of mice! i have to say i am not very friendly with them when they appear in MY home, but these are so sweet!
The artist (help, i can't find the name) is from Norway and she says the mice were an idea growing from her heart.

ODDimagination's Shop has some Creepy and Cute Sculptures, Paintings and Art Dolls :)
She has been creating since the moment she could hold a pencil. According to her mom that was age 2. The odd, the cute and the weird are what appeal to her and that is what she likes to express through her art.

Martha Land has some lovely clayful critters and creations, By day she works as the manager of a photography studio to pay the bills. By night (and every free moment that she has) she has been pouring all her energy into my artwork. Her slugs are roughly in the range of 2-3 inches long by 2-3 inches tall.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

4th in the autumn leaves pcagoe challenge!

ya! my ring came 4th in the autumn leaves pcagoe challenge! that was fun!
don't forget, this ring is given as a gift to my next Etsy buyer - it's a gift for MY 37th birthday which was on November 3rd!
Thank you all voters!


speachless, that's what i am :)

yes, Dan Cormier's workshop in my home was yesterday, many hours of joy, it was so amazing, i have no words to express my feelings, it's been a magical class, and i wish i could see more and more :)

Thank you dan for the opportunity to meet and learn from you and i hope we'll see you again soon in Israel...

now i can relax and absorb all this

beauty :)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

PCAGOE monthly challenge

It’s time for the PCAGOE monthly challenge. The November theme is Autumn Leaves!

When you vote for your favorite entry, you’ll automatically be entered in a random drawing to win one of two prize packs! don't miss!


Monday, October 27, 2008

PCAGOE November Challenge - Autumn Leaves

My Entry to the November Challenge is a leaf ring, a bouquet of leaves shaded green , gold and gold leaf, with some millefiori leaves, they were inserted into polymer clay using a thin wire. It's base is a copper ring.
it's a big ring but no one can miss it :)

Vote for your favorite at from Nov 1 to Nov 3rd (my birthday, by the way)
All voters are entered to win free prizes!

oh, and another thing, i am giving this ring as a gift (for my birthday) to the next buyer from my etsy store!
Thank you!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Polymeri Online 23.10.08

Laura Bocchi is from Genoa, her sculpturing of flowers and millefiori are delicate and fine, and you can find a heart bead tutorial in her photostream

Food that smiles back to you? that's elfa's creations! she's from Italy and she also have an ebay store

barbie_cyberpunk's photostream has a white clay doll that caught my eye, i wish i could see more of these interesting and unique looking dolls

Mae Holley has lovely miniatures and jewellry, she twists and knead polymer clay into all kinds of fun and interesting things and hope to pass on this crazy obsession to any one looking for a new and exciting way to expand their creativity. check her tutorials too!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dan Cormier in Israel!

The day has come and Dan Cormier is in Israel!
Although we met in person on Synergy, this time he will be teaching one of the workshop in MY HOME :)

Dan will be teaching several workshops around the country and many israeli clayers will enjoy his classes!


Saturday, October 18, 2008

a Big project

Are you sitting down?

I think you'd want to sit down before you'll see this huge project by Naama Zamir, my fellow artist from Israel, she was asked by a friend to help make a unique mosaic table, made from tiny tiles of polymer clay, colored, canes... it was a non stop work for about a week, 50 packs of PC and the result is stunning!

Making such a project from colored clay, marbled, scraps, canes is an amazing use for all those tiles.

i wouldn't mind sitting near this table myself, not to mention getting one as a gift ;) lol

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Polymeri Online 16.10.08 and some personal stuff

Judy Belsky lives in Israel, she discovered collage and polymer clay around the same time - ten years ago. Although she painted and loved to paint all through her life, collage liberated her soul. After collage, there is no such thing as a bad art day. Everything is useful and recyclable. You don’t have to be a perfect little girl! Polymer clay came into her life at the same time and with a similar message. It is such a forgiving, flexible, exciting material. she has integrated polymer clay into her collage because it is a third dimension and can take on a weathered, aged look that is still vibrant.

Look at this sweet marie-antoinette - i think she's adorable, and there are more of a similar design in lacigalecristalline's photostream in flickr
if you haven't yet bookmarked her blog - it's a must have.

fantasy sculpture from polymer clay by dolhathai Srijancharoen, she is a native of Thailand born into a family skilled in folk art and music, she received her master’s degree from the College of Fine Art in Bangkok. At the beginning of my career she worked as an illustrator for children’s books and went on to become a journalist, columnist and editor for several newspapers and magazines there. She relocated to New York City in 2001 and began crafting my fairies in polymer clay soon after.

Faeries From The Swamp by Antoine - she has been an artist all her life, it was inevitable that she would start sculpting. It wasn’t until 2003, however, that she tried polymer clays. her very first completed faerie was a fat naked man who resembled an uncle of hers. In the beginning she made many little fat men and boys but soon evolved to very thin faeries. Presently her faeries range in size from 3” to about 5” seated. Each is a one of a kind sculpture created over a wire armature for added strength and durability. Most have wings, but some do not. Each somehow resembles either someone she knows or have seen before.

and some personals? 4 days ago i celebrated my 15th anniversiry with my beloved partner and husband, and in 3 days we are celebrating my daughter's bat-mitzva party (real birthday only in november) :) lot's of celebrations! let's have fun!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and if you add your pink photos to this group you can help to raise up to €30,000 for local charities.

For each pink photo you add to, Yahoo! for Good will donate €1, up to a maximum of €30,000. they will split the total equally between 5 charities in UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy.

- In the UK Cancer Research UK will use this donation to fund breast cancer research.
- In Germany Deutsche Krebshilfe will use this donation to fund a breast cancer project.
- In France Association Le Cancer du sein, parlons en ! will use this donation to fund screening.
- In Spain AECC will use this donation to fund information about prevention and detection.
- In Italy LILT will use this donation to fund breast cancer research.

You can add 5 pink photos a day during October, so please think about making a month long commitment to sharing your pink photos!

Polymeri Online 2.10.08

Lu Fanjul from barcelona has a wonderful mix of techniques in her gallery!

la_sagrada has only 6 photos in her flickr site, but each one is stunning! (see photo)

Miss beb is from Paris, she makes sweet looking macarons miniatures and jewelry and i love her glossy finish

more macarons? tutorial? on this blog, at the "jeudi 17 juillet 2008"

Figures, animals, fantazy, holiday - It's Jest 'er Clay!

Speaking of french artists, here are some blogs worth visiting. and if you take a look at each sidebar of the blog, it's endless links....

Sunday, September 28, 2008

What to take to a craft fair

some of the members of PCAGOE forum listed a great list of "What to take to a craft fair", it's a "save and keep" list to all us presentors in craft fairs :)

Craft fair supplies
  1. List of all items (If you have time you should mark each one with a number and a price and keep a list so you just have to mark it off when you sell it and it’s great for inventory)

  2. products, (things to sell)

  3. table(s)

  4. chair(s)

  5. tablecloth(s)

  6. cell phone

  7. water, snacks, lunch

  8. calculator

  9. mirror

  10. sales book

  11. business cards

  12. paper and pens

  13. bagsstands, displays

  14. change, singles and fives

  15. camera

  16. several shoe boxes to make different heights on the table and covers for them (fabric)

  17. receipts

  18. custom order forms

  19. scissorstape

  20. tissue paper/bubble wrap for fragile items

  21. sign-up sheet for your mailing list

  22. tax ID number/license

  23. coupons for your online shop?

  24. bring someone to help you

  25. bowl of fun $1 items (kids love this)

  26. hat

  27. masking tape

  28. small brown lunch bags (if your products will fit) with stamps or stickers on them advertising your shop

  29. sunscreen

  30. bungee cords

  31. craft apron (like the ones from the hardware store, waist aprons with pockets)

  32. umbrella

  33. breath mints

  34. Lights Spare Light

  35. Bulbs

  36. Extension Leads

  37. G Clamps

  38. Boxes and packaging

  39. Tools (for on the spot work, like changing a pendant on a leather cord to a silver chain)

  40. Flask for Coffee (actually the most import thing on my list)

  41. Wet wipes (for wiping sticky fingers if I have been eating, before I handle the jewellery)

  42. Spare Price Tags

  43. Information Leaflets about your work
and you can add more!

thanks to -


Happy sales!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Polymeri Online 25.9.08

After a long long week with 2 craft fair just before "rosh hashana" (new year), you can imagine how tired i am, but how can i not post some links... :) Enjoy...

Tamara Dozier Tamara was filmed as a featured artist on HGTV's "That's Clever" Episode HCLVR-122. She demonstrated how she sculpts and casts one of her gargoyles.

and i love her lion simba! (photo)

we have just said good bye to Alan Vernall, i loved his Latin Square Quilt Cane tutorial and of
course the Tudor Rose Cane in PolymerCAFֹ - Spring 2008
thank you so much alan....

Tree of Life Crafts
celticdruid's a stay at home mother. she loves to craft in her spare time and have a new etsy

homearts polymer clay tiles - Patti is Home Arts. Home Arts manufactures a line of fabric covered box kits and also carrys three CD's with vintage images from a private paper collection. Her tiles are beautiful!

mouna casa fimo's from france, she makes cool canes! faces, figures, smiley's and so many

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Polymeri Online 18.9.08

Thursday is here! my US readers are still sleeping, but here in Israel it's a work day and i'm drinking my coffee :)

First, thank you Cynthia for your post on polymerclaydaily yesterday! it's always a pleasure to see my name in your blog :)

as for todays links...
Chris Mockridge owns "Ludicris Cake Toppers", his toppers are cute as can be, he is from UK.

Sonia Keogh is from New Zealand, a Sculptor & artist, she says sculpting with polymer clay has its challenges, but is ultimately a forgiving medium which bends to her perfectionism. an intuitive process, take anywhere from 50 to 250 hours to produce a full-bodied Keogh piece, needless to say, she becomes deeply connected to each piece.

Lynn_EL/UnaOdd / Lynn is a Gardener, artist, collector of books, art, plants, skulls, rocks, cat whiskers, boxes, bottles and gourds.

mimiatures / mimi chan is from bangkok, Thailand, she says she is very lucky, her job has taken her all over the world and allowed her to to meet many people and experience many places...

Friday, September 12, 2008

Millefiori canes again

Del Moro is a russian artist who has some amazing canes i have ever seen, take a look at his "fire horse" cane, and some more which are stunning! some various techniques can be seen in his jewelry.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Polymeri Online 11.9.08

Lilly Briar is a Polymer Bead Artisan. she has been working with the medium for the past 7 years, teach workshops, do shows and write tutorials for Australian beading magazines. her current expedition is into the world of geometrism, exploring the simplicity of shape/s and creating new ones and incorporating mixed media to make them a little more interesting.

SelenaAnne - wonderful sculptural art, i wish i could know more about this artist :)

2 Roses is artistic collaboration between jewelry designers Corliss Rose, and John Rose. The studio is driven by the principles of exploration and experimentation.

Graphic Pendants is Teri, full-time business student with a passion for crafting. live in Canada, She's always been a creative soul and picked up first her needle and thread at 5 years old.

Ignotz has some great sculpturings in her flickr site -

lasidi has some great geometric design, i just love her cute building canes, her boxes and frames. She is from spain.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Half and half - New collection

My new holidays collection is charachterized by 50% millefiori and 50% color.
Do you ask what does that mean? well, i am simply enjoying my clay, colors and matarial and not using 100% millefiori as i used to :)
I find this collection so enjoyable, much more personal, and wishfull.

In Judaism, a berakhah or bracha is a blessing, usually recited at a specific moments during a ceremony or other activity. we love to bless friends and family in so many occasions - holidays, when you meet, when you visit someone's home for the first time, and more.

This is the reason why i chose to be more personal and give my buyers the chance to enjoy a blessing collection. who doesn't want to bless his beloved friends and family? i'm sure every one will.

Hamsas, keychains, decorations, and many more, you are all welcome to my flickr site to see more.

and some in my etsy store for sale :)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Polymeri Online 4.9.08

Kim Owens has been crafting in several different mediums for 15 years. she discovered Polymer Clay about 3 years ago and it's now her favorite medium, she uses Sculpy and Fimo Polymer to make her Folk Art, Primitive Creations. Once the initial piece is complete, she bake it according to the manufacturer’s recommended time. In some cases, before baking, she will texture the piece to resemble carved wood or give it a rustic appearance. After the piece is completed she will antique it to give it her signature "Primitive" look. (in photo hilda the little witch)

Lauren Abrams is a purse designer specializing in bag hardware. She makes pigmented cast resin handles, buckles and embellishments by hand and also love designing jewelry with cast resin and polymer clay

ketztx4me - according to RM Ketzel she is a Proud citizen of the great Republic of Texas, obsessed with the possibilities of polymer clay and a Member of the National Polymer Clay Guild

beautifulmemories creates both collectible Reborns and child-safe Reborns. She has been reborning for several years, to see the doll come to "life" never ceases to amaze her, even after all this time.

cobcreations After spending most of her life moving around the US and Canada, she settled down in the Big Apple. She finds endless amusement and inspiration living and traveling around all the different NYC neighborhoods,and her cute sculptures are the avidence :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Vote to win in PCAGOE September TEXTURE challenge

Vote to win in PCAGOE September TEXTURE challenge!

The theme this month is texture, and the idea was to show the various ways polymer clay can be textured.
When you vote for your favorite entry, you’ll automatically be entered in a random drawing to win one of two prize packs!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Polymeri Online 28.8.08

jessicajanelove - Jessi loves art in all forms, her tiny petite houses are so cute!

Block print tutotial - This great tutorial is suitable for polymer clay printing too! check it out -

Ignotz Cuties!

Crazy-Clayz / Marc and David Green We're two polymer clay artists living in Scotland, they love all things weird and creepy, they are mad about movies, fanatical about Fimo and crazy for cake...

hill designs / Lance Perry is a self taught artist from Nacogdoches, TX.

Boogerelli / Shannon is an artist residing in the US. Boogerelli is the themed name she give her cartoon critters who resemble boogers, little people, and amphibian types. she loves working with polymer clay, drawing, doll making and enjoy creating fun, whimsical styled art.

Sarajane Helm is now on flickr too!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Polymeri Online 21.8.08

SpiritMama / Waxela (wa-shay-la) Sananda has been making jewelry and art for as long as she can remember. she owned retail shops for 15 years where she sold her art and custom jewelry designs. Two years ago she stopped retail in order to pursue in order to be home more for her daughter. she has been playing with polymer clay since she was a child, and have continued her clay affair as an adult. she is aligned with the Native American love of the earth and the Buddhist Zen practice. (photo)

Take a look at this Canes celebration by sandy from canada, her canes are so complex and unique!

according to Esther she is a "Crazy Cat Lady + Polymer Clay Nut + Mid Century Design Fetishist" :)
Esther is from Netherlands.

sTuDio * Odd is a SAHM~Wife~ artist ... in that order.. according to her she "creates to stay sane.. ."

ElementalDragons/ Angela is a stay-at-home mother....which allows little but very enjoyable crafting time for her! sheis first a polymer clay artist and second a all around multi-media crafter. Her cute elemental dragon and/or critters are looking for homes at
For the whole Elemental Dragons story please check out
As myself she is a Proud member of the Polymer Clay Artist Guild of Etsy!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Milliefiori and organza cloth pendant

My dear friend Marcia from Israel, is a very talented lady. In addition to making extra-ordinary millefiori canes, she is inventing new ideas for combining materials with millefiori work. According to her, Because of the transparency of the organza cloth she found it very interesting and there are lots of possibilities to create beautiful embellishments.

She kindly shared her unique techniqe with the israeli community and you might want to take a look at her tutorial (in english this time :)

The pendant is for sale too!

Polymeri Online 14.8.08

Should i begin with a OT story? Normally my life are real peaceful, no "action" stories, but yesterday a hornet stinged me in my butt... yes, i know it sounds funny :) and i agree, but it's really uncomfortable to sit and clay now ;)
It happened while i was driving with my car windows open and she simply got in while i was driving and fell between my legs, when trying to get out of my car and getting rid of her, the %&*& just stuck her sting in my ... you know where...
in case you are wondering i feel fine now, nothing i won't survive :)
lesson to be learned - even though the air is cool and clear at 7am in the morning, never drive with your car windows open, you don't know who's gonna visit you.

let's see some cool links, i really love each and every one i am featuring today (like always)-

Doreen's miniature are SO cute, you just want to drool and grab a bite -

Jane is almost 21. She's recently developed a hobby in creating cute charms from polymer clay -

island♥pixie's - The name Island Pixie is based on her niece, She inspires her and all the cute little creations she makes. she is addicted to handmade, and likes to create all kinds of goodies with clay like cupcakes, donuts, ice cream cones to lady bugs, octopus and flowers.

hollyjayne / Holly from Australia (photo attached) makes adorable bears you just want to hug -

My dear friend Judy Belcher posted some new photos in her flickr site, both of her amazing work and some of Euro Carnival -

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Polymeri Online 7.8.08

In between my preparation and making new stuff for some craft fairs in Rosh-Hashana (jewish new year) here are some links -

My dear friend Tami Shvat from Israel is making canes as if they are painted on canvas with a brush, they are beautiful and you can watch them closly and see so many details! belive me i know, i had so have some of her too!

kyeliza's etsy Shop contains Dolls and Miniatures, You may also visit her blog at She is a Member of DAM (Dolls and Miniatures)

chopoliAs loves sculpting, but not only. She also do other things, such as painting , she is sculpting since about 3 years and addicted to it.

Take a look at these colorful lovely projects made with light clay - althouth in hebrew the photos are easy to understand -

Monday, August 4, 2008

Cindy made my day!

Does it happen to you too? i get so blushed when someone write about me - blog or another place, and so excited, like a little girl :)
Cindy Lietz made me very happy yesterday, i just found out (from my dear Israeli PC friends) that she wrote a warm, full of compliments post about me, my work, beads and blog!

thank you so much Cindy, you made my day!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Polymeri Online 29.7.08

Fimo Maniguette / Maniguette is working with clay since september 2005, take a look at her Manga cane before reduction -
blogs : ,

debashri_m / Debashri Sengupta Muralidharan is making Flowers made from DECO clay for the last 2.5 years. DECO Clay is a special kind of Soft Clay, formulated by Kazuko Miyai of Japan.

Check this blog - interesting posts! i even found myself there :)


Paula Pindroh is an illustrator living near the ocean in Charleston, SC. She enjoys dabbling in felting, origami, & oil painting but polymer clay is her love!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Adventures in America

where am I? I am in far America since 4th of july, having great time with my family and missing my polymer clay, of course, but after seeing polymer clay express store in maryland and meeting Rob and Wilma again (i did met them in CFCF and in Synergy few months ago) i feel energized again and hope to clay soon! seeing Michaels stores and all other craft made me so thrilled! i am having so much fun...

take care every one and see you all soon with new items, new links and new experiences!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Polymeri Online 3.7.08

First announcement - i've made my 100th sale on etsy yesterday! :)
The happy buyer is Toni from keepsakeeggs - and i am happy to send you your lovely hamsa + a bag of polymer clay goodies! enjoy and thank you so much!

just before i take my LONG flight to US tonight, here are some more links to our weekly polymeri online posts -

One of my friends and a member of the israeli forum - Natanei just posted about a lovely bug contest taking place in the LiveJournal community and i asked her to tell us more about it -
The Polymer clay community of LiveJournal - Polymerclayfimo was founded at 2005 by galka_vasina and was dedicated for Fimo creations. The community grown and extrapolate its interests to all types of polymer clay. Polymerclayfimo counts 1865 members – Russian speakers from around the world (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, USA, Canada, Israel, German, Austria, etc`). Now community has 3 moderators: galka_vasina (Moscow ), shimshony (Elena Samsonova, New York, and xanka (Oksana, Moscow, Clear and handy tag system help to new users to drill down to journal entries.
Lately community conducts two interesting contests:
Roses Contest - results
Bugs Contest - results
It's great to see worldwide work!

Debbie Anne / Debbie Carlton
Designing and making jewellery is a passion for her. She works with silver, gold and like to incorporate colour into her work when ever she can. Inspirations come from the shapes ,textures and colours she sees all around from nature's quirkiness to industrial symmetry. (her photo on the right)

loopyboopy likes to sculpt dolls. she have so much fun creating characters. Sometimes they are in her head before she begins, other times they come into being as she makes them. she loves quircky, odd, whimsical, cute, creepy and eerie things. She is a self taught artist, working in sculpture for over 20 years, her work is really a collage of many medium, basically she uses whatever works, Papier Mache, Paperclay, pulp, sculpey...

see you in another continent! :)
more updates on my trip will be posted!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

New month - New Challenge! Vote for your favorite Personal Hero clay creation!

Just choose from the great entries for the PCAGOE July Personal Hero Challenge, and be entered in a drawing to WIN one of two July prize packs!

Good luck every one!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Studio Snapshot in Libzoid Blog

Thank you Libby for giving me a "window" to show my beloved studio!


Sunday, June 29, 2008

98 sales - who will be the 100?

I feel great today :) i am approaching my 100 sales, and heading for a great 3 weeks vacation in US (5 more days to go) , so i will be giving some extra beads and special gifts to my 100 item buyer on Etsy!

You are welcome to be the one!
Hurry! the store is closing on July 2nd :)
thank you!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Polymeri Online 26.6.08

Alison Lee is interviewing some great artist from all kind of crafts. Recently i had the pleasure of listening to her 2 podcasts in my ipod - one of them was Maggie Maggio Interview and the other was Dan Cormier's. amazing talents and such an enjoyable cast!
Maggie Maggio Interview
Dan Cormier Interview

Nail Art Clay Canes? I gave it a try a few months ago, unfortunatly it was impossible to make them so tiny while firm with the new FIMO formula, i guess you should use a dry clay to make such tiny detailed reduced canes :)

and a great tutorial for an orange cane is here

mouna casa fimo's from france - mouna makes cute canes! some of them are quite complicated!

Stefimo & Co / Stéphanie from France makes some unique pendants - great gradients, texture and color.

Ipod cover tutorial from beadizzygrl
check out some of the great tutorials there!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Hamsa cookie cutters are back in stock!

High standard quality Hamsa cookie cutters are back in stock!- perfect for polymer clay, cookies and sugerpaste!
The Hamsa/Chamsa hand (Arabic) or hamesh hand (Hebrew) is an old and popular potropaic amulet for magical protection from the envious or evil eye. The words hamsa and hamesh mean "five" and refer to the digits on the hand. An alternative Jewish name for it is the Hand of Miriam, in reference to the sister of Moses and Aaron.

Large hamsa (11 cm)- 12$
Small hamsa - (4 cm) 10$
Shipping fee - 6$ (The shipping charge includes a tracking number and insurance)

You can take a look at my flickr Hamsa gallery for more Ideas -

Contact me at for more details, thank you :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Polymeri Online 19.6.08

Silvia Karkut - The material she works with is plasticine. In Gemany it is called Knetgummi. Children play with and it did not get firm. She wants to try super sculpey now, because she saw so many of great works done with it on flickr. Silvia lives in Germany, studied graphic design and now she wants to work as an illustrator working with plasticine. Her dolls are so unique, some of her photos are a part of a flickr group which is called Ugly Dolls Art - are they ugly? i don't think so... :)

Enkhe from Fribourg, Switzerland makes beautiful cute inro vessels -

Laurabee Studios - Laura Boner-Leidy
All of Laura's beads are handsculpted originals. She adds a little sparkle with swarovski cystals to most of them. She is inspired by her love of new and vintage textiles, embroidery, antique jewelry and nature. Some artists that inspires her are Christi Friesen, Impressionistic painters, Jane Sauer, Norma Minkowitz, Arline Fisch, Ernst Haeckel and Andy Goldsworthy.

Joojoo belongs to two sisters from Toronto, one of them is Afsaneh, She has created her flickr to share my handmade stuff and creative ideas with others. She loves making small things and painting and drawing small things, now she is focusing on Polymer Clay mini sculptures.

Jennol - Olivia garcia trunas from Spain is sculputuring small round cuties, some of known characters and some imaginary

Sunday, June 15, 2008

what can we do with a clay gun?

How about some extruded collection of projects?
or, what can we do with a clay gun?

Here are some great projects for a start, feel free to add more in your comments!

Extrudinary tutorials
Polymer clay extruder projects
My PolyPediaOnline "Extrudinary" tutorials! 15 projects to sparkle your imagination, 14 videos in 3 super informative tutorials - 

A football cane by Miriam Cohen from Israel - in hebrew but you can follow the pictures -

More ideas on Extruded Clay by

Make your rubber stamp with polymer clay using extruded snakes #1 by

Make your rubber stamp with polymer clay using extruded snakes #2 by craftygoat - Stamp Your Own Message in Polymer Clay

A special way to use clay and making a ooak cracked effect -

Modeling and Sculpting Tools for Miniaturists By Lesley Shepherd,

Cynthia Tinnaple is demonstrating a great bullseye cane pattern -

More from craftygoat - Video: Extruder Basics PLUS Making Coiled Extruder Beads

Lazy Woman’s Mokume Gane (LWMG) by Barbara Forbes-Lyons

Braided Clay Bracelet by Nan Roche

Clay-Gun Quilt Cane Pt. 1 by hedgeapplecraft

Fold Over Beads Polymer Clay Filigree Bead Project by Skygrazer