Thursday, June 26, 2008

Polymeri Online 26.6.08

Alison Lee is interviewing some great artist from all kind of crafts. Recently i had the pleasure of listening to her 2 podcasts in my ipod - one of them was Maggie Maggio Interview and the other was Dan Cormier's. amazing talents and such an enjoyable cast!
Maggie Maggio Interview
Dan Cormier Interview

Nail Art Clay Canes? I gave it a try a few months ago, unfortunatly it was impossible to make them so tiny while firm with the new FIMO formula, i guess you should use a dry clay to make such tiny detailed reduced canes :)

and a great tutorial for an orange cane is here

mouna casa fimo's from france - mouna makes cute canes! some of them are quite complicated!

Stefimo & Co / Stéphanie from France makes some unique pendants - great gradients, texture and color.

Ipod cover tutorial from beadizzygrl
check out some of the great tutorials there!


  1. Dear Iris,
    I'm very happy to see you like my blog and my creations !!! Thank you very much for the interest which you carry me !!! I'm very very happy ! You are for me an excellent polymer creator and i love your flower cane and your creations ! Once again, thank you very much ! Bye
    Ps : sorry for my poor english

  2. Man Iris great minds do think alike! I just posted on my blog yesterday about Maggie Maggio and a couple weeks ago about nail art! Funny, never heard of Fimo Nail Art until a reader asked a few questions about it, now I'm seeing it all over the place. It's sorta like when you buy a new red car, it seems like you're seeing them everywhere!!

  3. Hi Iris, thanks for noticing my web site.. I currently am stocking over 90 designs from some very talented cane artists.. the nail techs are loving this new craze! Honestly in 18 years in the beauty industry I don't remember anything like this craving for canes!
    Debbie D webmaster

  4. Hi Iris!

    Isn't this a great way to use our canes? I think it will invigorate the cane making side of polymer clay and open up a whole new market for us.

    The gal from carries one of my canes in her shop:


  5. It sure is Cat! i always knew the possibilies are endless :)

  6. Hi Iris!
    Thanks a lot for this post, i'm happy to see your interest, i'm so happy! (I'm sorry for my english). Bye! :)

  7. You know, Iris, I was just thinking... these slices would make great scrapbooking elements, too!