Thursday, November 29, 2012

Extrudinary - 15 Ways To Re-Discover Your Polymer Clay Extruder | NEW Tutorials

EXtrudinary - TRIO Cuff Tutorial
I have a story for you.
Long time ago, sometime in the 15th century,
a secret group in Italy created something no one has ever done before - Pasta.
They called themselves - "The Extrudinaries"...

Sounds about right, doesn't it? Well, I'm Just kidding... :)

My family and friends know I'm a serious pasta addict.
I could probably eat pasta day and night if it wouldn't be so dangerous to my waist line.
EXtrudinary - Tribal Embroidery Bracelet

Being such a fan, I wasn't surprised when my DH announced on my 40th birthday celebration that we are going to look for the best Pasta in Italy.

One late evening in Florence, while looking for a place to have dinner, we peeked into a small neighborhood restaurant, hoping it's still open for hungry diners.
The owner escorted us to our table, and on our way there I noticed one of the chefs working with a large machine, shooting endless pieces of pasta.
"What is this machine?" I asked the owner.
EXtrudinary - Art Deco Bracelets
"La Pasta estrusore", she answered, a pasta extruder.
"Can I take a closer look?..." I asked
"Of course!" she said.
So I walked into the kitchen, thrilled, staring at this wonder.
The extruder was producing beautiful rigatoni, one by one, shooting the perfection into a large bowl. I was hypnotized,

Being a clay enthusiast, I couldn't avoid thinking of my dear friend, my personal clay extruder.
That moment I knew what I'm going to do next.

EXtrudinary - Life Savers Beads Tutorial
This is the story of our polymer clay extruder, a special and powerful tool, that you probably have somewhere in your drawer, hidden in the dark most of the time.

Well, its time has come and it is ready to come out and play!

So now I ask you -
Why settle for just retro canes, when there are so many other designs just waiting to be discovered and created?

Get your clay extruder up and running - Upgrade your extrusion abilities and techniques to the top level and use it as your personal Sous-Chef de Cuisine assistant!

EXtrudinary - Torpedo Beads Tutorial
Are you ready to take a trip back in time to the 15th century and become Extrudinery?

Extrudinary | Vol. 43, 44, 45

==> 3 illustrative & informative tutorials,
==> 15+ projects,
==> 14 super detailed videos; 6(!) hours
==> PLUS - A pampering kit with extra-ordinary tools! Test tubes, razor blades, and cane sample!

Press here for all the details, photos, kit information, prices and special gifts -

Ready to EXamine, EXperimentand EXecute new, EXciting EXtruded ideas?

Monday, November 26, 2012

Polymeri Online 26.11.12 | BW polymer-wood bangle, Reindeer Brooch, Doodling on IPAD, More Synergy surveys and Stay tuned to my next tutorial...

Polymer Clay Bangle by Melody Tallon
Australian artist Melody Tallon posted her black and white polymer clay bracelet using bulzeye canes on a wooden bangle blank.
she used slices of the canes, pushed onto the white surface in organic groupings, then, the whole piece was cured. Later, she used a permanent marker to color the black outlines and made the dalmatian-like spots. Love B&W.

Reindeer Brooch by Yoluni
Hitatura is the artist behind "YOLUNI handmade multicolor jewelry" etsy store, She (hope it's a she) is from Japan and loves to create things, polymer clay made and others. There is something about Japanese art that always amazes me with the fresh, light and clean feeling to it.

Doodling on your IPAD
Libby posted her list of "Apps for Doodling on an iPad".
I tell you, even though I am not a painter/drawing person myself, they really seems appealing!!!

Anke Humpert is collecting data for her Synergy presentation, you probably noticed several surveys collecting important polymer fact, news and data to be presented on Synergy.
Her subject is "European Polymer Clay scenes".
Would appreciate your assistance! Thank you!

Soon...My New Tutorial
I am in my final stages of finishing my new tutorial, 15+ projects, 14 videos and infinite working hours :) Stay tuned, or join the guessing game in my Facebook :)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Polymeri Online 17.11.12 | Beardy brooches, Santa's jewelry, Glue gun texturing and Plaid cane tutorial

Bearded brooches by Hacklock
Australian artist Heather is the owner of Hacklock.
Hacklock specializes in colorful modern jewelry made out of polymer clay.
Her Bearded figures looks so cool! These pendants and brooches are the result of a collaboration between Hacklock and Boy Beardy for Boy's art exhibition, They remind me of real people! :)

Polymer clay jewelry by Fracmatic
Norway artist  "Fracmatic" is named Santa. According to her it is a common name in Norway.
She loves to create things herself, reaching for the best quality and balance between beauty and wearability. Her store has great polymer clay and paper beads jewelry.

Hot glue gun rollers for texturing
A very useful idea for texturing - create your own texture roller using hot glue gun! This idea was published in Emily Murphy's pottery blog and can be an option for polymer clay as well.
I did not try it but we should check if the glue does not have a chemical reaction with polymer clay.
Ceramics and pottery are an art I have never tried before, I am sure I will one day...

Polymer clay tutorial plaid cane
Here is a fun tutorial for plaid millefiori cane by Naver blog. The tutorial is in Korean but Google Chrome can help with translation.
And another tutorial for a simple stripes ring -

Thank you for sending me your warm messages, I am ok, I do not live in the missile zone but my heart is with my friends and family that are.
I wish there could be a solution for all this, I will pray for it.
Have a safe and quiet weekend.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Polymeri Online 9.11.12 | Need 4 speed polymer, No calories donuts, Texturing with a pen, Waffle tutorial and Christmas ornaments inspiration

Polymer clay fish on a wooden base
Dawn Stubitsch is a polymer clay artist who specializes in unique wedding cake toppers made from photos and in the image of the customers.  She is also a talented sculpture and is using carved wood block, covering it with clay to create amazing pieces. This fish car is hollow to allow for the weight of the clay. Take a look at the rest of her car collection, her flickr is so colorful and fun -

Polymer clay donuts / Hannuka Sufganiot
Hanukah is coming and it's time for donuts or as we call it in Hebrew - "Sufganiot". This treat is offered only in this holiday and isn't available in my country at the rest of the year. Here is a cute tutorial for making it, without the calories.

Texturing with a pen
Texture with a pen? In this tutorial kalin kapolinka is creating a texture by tracing a drawing with a pen onto the clay, this way creating an indentation in the clay to create a texture - Cool! Tutorial in Russian but photos are self explanatory

polymer clay waffle tutorial
A metal tool is all that you will need to create a polymer clay waffle!
In this devianart tutorial Kyandi-charms is creating a simple and fast waffle ornament you can use in your jewelry (earrings?) or any other collection

Polymer clay Christmas tree ornaments
Pinterest is wonderful place to get into but probably not possible to get out! So much inspiration and ideas!
Here is a cute photo for tree ornaments. The original link was directed to etsy, now it's gone so I can't credit the artist.
Just peek here if you dare (and have the rest of the day!) - Endless Christmas inspiration by curator Rouba Mikail