Saturday, November 29, 2014

120 reasons to start your new polymer clay adventure PLUS 50% off this weekend only!

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Although I am not celebrating Thanksgiving holiday, it's always a good reminder to be grateful.

Thankful for what we are, what we have, thank the universe and the people around us, friends, family and you - my virtual & real friends, customers and followers.

Thank you for your long time support in my work and creations.

It thrills me to see my students' creativity and joy.
Through this year I received so many photos and thank you letters from you, enjoying their new adventure with clay.

Flowers, pendants, bracelets, necklaces - A real teachers' pride.

You are welcome to view their creations in the special "Student Gallery" page I set up -

As my personal thanks I am offering 4 days of a special "Thanksgiving-BlackFriday-CyberMonday" discount of 50% OFF all classes!

Yes! 50% OFF all tutorials classes & kits!

in the photo, Cecilia Leonini's faux ceramic jewellery
 inspired by my "Cosmic Ceramic" class,
featured on Polymer Clay Daily this week.
This is a one time offer, never offered before, expiring in several days!

 If you're waiting for the right moment to learn your favourite techniques and prepare beautiful holidays gifts to friends and family - Now is the time to start!

120+ tutorials - Millefiori canes, Alcohol inks how-to, Liquid polymer clay mysteries, Clay Extruder ideas, Jewelry designs, Beads, 3D concepts and many more projects!

Save 50% on ALL your favorite tutorials purchases**!

2. Pick what you want: search or use upper menu

3. Use the discount code "thankyou2014" to get your 50% off on checkout**

If you want to use the coupon again, you can do that as well!

** Discount available on site only, not valid for supplies.

Thank you!


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