Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Polymeri Online 15.1.14 | Polymer transfers pendants, 3D jewelry designs, Shoes challenge, Multi designs by Mariia and Veronika's ceramic pin

French artist Olga Nicolas posted necklaces and pendants in her Flickr gallery which are all about playing with foils, transfers and colour. I love their shapes, simplicity while clever and beautiful finish. This technique was featured in the Polymer CO french magazine.
In the following video she shows some of her editing tricks of her drawings and transfers eventually printed in a toner printer. (the music in the video was created by her 17 yrs son!)

Jessica's 3D printer designs 
(unfortunately non polymer)
There is a big buzz around 3D printers. Although some of the creative fun is taken away when using the printer (design is made mostly on the computer), you can see wonderful creative ideas using this unique technology.
Wouldn't you think this is polymer clay?
I thought so too.
Then, I entered Jessica Rosenkrantz's profile and read more about her. She works in an experimental design studio called "Nervous System" that uses new technologies to reinterpret natural phenomena. They combine algorithmic strategies with prototype methods to create products.
Her experiments are revealing a world of 3D printer designs, just look at her endless drawers of 3D jewellery!

Jessica mentioned 3D plaster printing.
Looking closely at the 3D plaster printing you'll notice the machine is carving, cutting into plaster, and the leftovers are slowly removed, leaving the main design. This is a whole new approach to jewellery making, jewellery designing and creating process. Future is here.

Amarena's british polymer shoes
Amarena (also from France) posted her "So british" polymer-real shoes entered into one of their blog challenge. This looks like a real time consuming project but a fun one!
Check out all the shoes posted in this challenge, they are all so fun and creative!
Would you dare wearing this on the street? I would!

Mariia's mosaic jewelry
Mariia Kamenska is playing with polymer in all kinds of shapes, styles and techniques. She is using extruded snakes, mosaic techniques with clay or canes, laser cut, micro polymer balls, and many more.
Looking at this set of earring and bracelet, I felt like I am back in Gaudi's park Guell in Barcelona!

Veronika's ceramic polymer pin
Veronika Sturdy posted a pin design using the Cosmic Ceramic tutorial which was also selected as one of the 2013 Top 10 tutorials online by Cynthia Tinnaple's Polymer Clay Daily!

Cosmic Ceramic tutorial
Top 10 for 2013
This tutorial was probably the most versatile, varied, multi-designed, it was interpreted into so many new and colourful products and each so different than our original!
Many thanks to all our students who contributed to it's success and shared their experiments and fun with us!

See you soon!

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