Monday, April 15, 2013

Polymeri Online 15.4.13 | Polymer clay etching-inking, Sailors penguins, Millefiori eye cane tutorial and 18 karat polymer clay strawberry

polymer clay pendant
Maria Belkomor has a magical touch for  intriguing polymer clay art that keeps me busy, trying to figure out what is she doing here and there. Her latest set is called "etching" although she is referring to ink and it looks more like carving to me but correct me if I am wrong. She mentions this is an intensive hard work but I know the result is absolutely worth it.

More by her is this great tutorial for creating a snake/dragon skin texture. She says it's easy but a slow process. 
Start with the maximum thickness on your machine and with squares cutters kept perpendicular to the table, go straight down like a guillotine but not cutting all
Dragon skin
the way. Then, use something like a light bulb, for example and slowly stretch the joints to be separated. This would cause a texture to spread. She continues her explanation here -

polymer clay penguins posts
Thelittlecreatures belongs to Inês Fonseca, a Portuguese girl living in Scotland with a passion for nature, polymer clay and great stories. Her store is full of cuteness and joyous colors - Dogs, Giraffes, penguins and many more are a part of her Etsy zoo.

eye millefiori cane
Eye canning and face canning in particular can be fairly complicated, especially if you are not sure you want to sacrifice many polymer clay packages or end up with a cane that may be distorted due to clay softness. I admit I only did it once with my Dora the explorer cane (18 packages of clay) and did not do it again since.
But it doesn't mean we can't enjoy a good photo when we see one!
Here is an eye tutorial by Polyspoon which shows us some necessary steps to complete a great millefiori cane. Don't miss her other canes (buddha, geisha) previously featured many times online.

polymer clay strawberry
We all love jewelry with out going bank robbed -right? Here is a cute strawberry necklace tutorial featured in quietlioncreations blog. The original piece is by Kenneth Jay Lane and is a real 18 karat gold plated pendant, BUT! if you cannot afford the real one yet, you can play with clay and create strawberries in all colors.

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  1. Dear Iris, thank you so much for featuring my work in your blog! I am a great fan of your work and I find your canes amazing.