Sunday, May 27, 2012

Polymeri Online 27.5.12 | Mirror mirror, Miniature polymer art, Matching jewelry sets and Funky foam stamping

Iryna's Roses Mirror

Iryna (Eten-Iren) sinchuk creates romantic hair accessories using tiny polymer clay designs. Each rose, petal and flower is designed into a perfect final piece - in this case, a mirror.
Her work is so delicate and pleasant to the eye.

Miniature Polymer Clay Art by CartoLinda
Miniature art has always amazed me, how does someone uses his/her hands and fingers to work on these tiny tiny items?
CartoLinda's photostream is full of little flowers, charms, cakes and miniature food placed next to a cent to show how small they are. In this photo you can see one of her doll houses.

Isa's Matching Polymer Clay Jewelry and Outfit
Isa's french blog is something every fashion designer is heart and soul will relate to. She is all about matching her outfit and jewelry!
Every skirt/shirt/pants/dress she has (almost) gets the approproate attention with a perfect match of necklace, rings and earrings. Take a look at her posts, each one holds a new surprise :)

Funky Foam Polymer Clay Stamp by Grgalina
Grgalina is sharing with us an interesting lesson how to create a reverse stamp (raised) using funky foam and a rubber stamp.
The idea is to take the funky foam, heat it with a heat gun for 30 seconds and then stamp it with your stamp.
This may seem a shallow stamping, but according to her it is quite deep.
When finished you have a reversed stamp you can use on polymer clay.
She also tried the heating process with boiling water (careful!) and it turned out as well. She explained her process in detail on her blog, use a translator to read her entire post.
Another look at it can be seen here

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  1. What a find by clicking on your link!
    thank you very much for this beautiful place of honor in my work.
    I am thrilled and excited.
    Thank you again.