Sunday, July 25, 2010

Polymeri Online 25.7.10 - Kathy Weaver

I'm Back! took a 2 weeks family vacation in Paris and London, we had fabulous time and i am definitely coming back again! so much fun!

This week i have a different post.
It's been a while since i am following polymer clay artist Kathy Weaver in Facebook and her stories about little Rosemarie. Kathy is a talented polymer clay artist which was featured in various publications and her creations are always so fresh and vibrant. I don't remember when or how we virtually "met" but i knew that i was hooked to her sweet great niece and her beautiful art, i even sent Kathy some of my Dora the Explorer cane to make cute thingies for Rosemarie.
I asked Kathy to tell me about her and about sweet Rosemarie which is battling cancel since she was a baby.

Kathy started her polymer clay passion when she walked in a craft store 18 years ago, and thought why not try it?
It took several years before she became aware of the clay guilds and other people working with clay. Then came the internet, and we were able to find each other.
She feels fortunate that she has learned her craft from the "best" teachers over the years, having learned from Donna Kato, Marie Segal, Pier Voulkos, kathleen Dustin, and many more. she is fotunate enough to have several articles published in Lapidary Journal, Step by Step Beads, Step by Step Clay, Step by Step Kids, and Jewelry Crafts Magazine. she has been blessed to have several magazine backs with clay work done for Fire Mountain Gems.

Rosemarie Todd is her great niece. She became listless and quit gaining wait at about a year old. After many tests, she was diagonosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma at 14 months. In her short four years she has endured so much. She has had about seven surgeries, including a 12 hour sugery to remove her tumor. She has had over 20 chemo treatments, 15 radiation treatments, stem cell transplant, radiation treatment, and has not yet been in remission. She is a beautiful child who loves being a four year old. She swims, plays with Barbies and Polly Pockets, has her favorite stuffed animals and dolls, and likes playing with Aunt Kathy and her sister Katee. Rosemarie is presently in a study program at at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. This is a phase 1 study, which means this drug has not been used on humans yet. IF her body tolerates this treatment, and the doctors feel it is helping some, she will be traveling to Cincinnati ever week to receive these infustions. Kathy says she is her angel, and her play buddy. When she turned four last week she asked her "Rosemarie, are we going to still be best friends when you are 5"? and she said "Sure, Aunt Kathy".

She is one adorable kid and I wish her to reach 105!
Thank you Kathy for telling us more about you :)
It's been a pleasure meeting you and seeing your beautiful art and kind heart, i wish you all the best!

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  1. Thank you for posting this story about Kathy and Rosemarie! I'm Rosemarie's Aunt, and we need to create as much awareness about this as possible! Please send your prayers for "Ro-ro" (as my daughter calls her).