Monday, December 7, 2009

Saturn is just around the corner

In my (little) spare time i had over the past few weeks, i was asked to submit some new photos to a new book.
I found myself working on some new ideas to some new designs, and i decided to use my discs. i have about 2000 of them by now and it's getting really crowded in my studio :) oh, i am not parting from them, i am contantly looking for new ideas of what to do with those discs - brooches, pendants and so many more.

I came up with this necklace and bracelet design, and when i attached the 2 halves of the beads of the bracelet they looked to me like "Planets", and especially Saturn with his big rings.

When i wore the set for the first time i got reponses of - "wow, you got courage to wear this big jewelry!" and i say, why not? if it attacts the eye, it means it's unique.

they look from outer space - don't they?


  1. Iris, this is fabulous. I really love it.

  2. Hi Iris -
    This bracelet is a home run!! Color, design, and execution all perfection. Fabulous tell me, what are those metal pieces from? I've never seen anything like them.

    big hugs and keep it up girl!

  3. Hey Loretta, the discs are recycled from computer parts :)


  4. Your bracelet is fabulous and you don't need courage to wear it!!!